SPONSOR an oneg

At the end of our Shabbat services we have challah, wine/grape juice, and various sweets. If you would like to bring an oneg then you can sign up here.

How to provide an oneg
Oneg Shabbat Instructions for Services in Room #15 – Rev 4

WHAT TO BRING (enough for approximately 15+ people):
 1 fruit bowl
 1 veggie or misc. platter cheese/crackers/veggies/dip
 1 tray of cookies or a cake
 1 challah
 White grape juice (so we can tell wine from grape juice)
 Wine is already there
There should be ample supplies in the Gray Oneg Cabinet in Room #15. Combination is
1-2-3. PLEASE DO NOT BRING more plates, cups, napkins or other drinks unless you
bring them back home with you.
ARRIVAL - Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of services.
 Please note the arrangement of the room. It is your responsibility to leave it as you found it.
 If an 8-foot cafeteria table is not set up next to the wall on your left as you enter the Room,
set one up. The folded tables are against the far wall.
 If there is already a table there but there are items on it, carefully remove these items and
place them where they will not be in the way.
 All the Oneg supplies are in the gray 2–door cabinet. COMBINATION OF LOCK IS 123
 You will need:
o A disposable plastic rectangular tablecloth (located in the Oneg Cabinet).
o Enough cold cups, Kiddush cups, paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins for the
night you are sponsoring, as well as grape juice, a bottle of wine, and some bottled
water and soda (all located in the Oneg Cabinet)
o The Challah plate and cover (located in the Oneg Cabinet)
o A tray to serve all the Kiddush cups (located on top of the Oneg Cabinet)
 Cover the table with the tablecloth.
 Place the challah plate on one end of the table. There is a challah cover in the cabinet.
o Put the Kiddush cups on the serving tray.
o Based on the number attending do 50/50 wine and juice.

Please wait until AFTER completion of Mourner’s Kaddish before uncovering items already on
the table.
CLEAN UP – don’t be shy to ask for help. We all pitch in after the service.
 You are responsible for anything that you brought with you that you want to take home or
send home with others who are interested.
 Return all unused supplies back to the Oneg Cabinet and relock it.
 Return any borrowed items from the kitchen, washed and back where you found them.
 Dispose of the tablecloth and any other trash.
 Use the vacuum cleaner inside the door in Room #10 (further down the hall to the right) to
clean up dropped food.
 Reset room #15 the way you found it.
Thank You for helping our Temple celebrate the joy of Shabbat!


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