frequently asked questions

What does Solel mean?
"Solel” means “Pathfinder”. We are a pathfinder in being a welcoming Jewish
When and where are services held?
Temple Solel holds regular Shabbat Services at 7PM on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at our
new home at Grace Presbyterian Church.  Zoom option for those that cannot join us in
Who is eligible to be a member?
Any person who meets one of these criteria:
-a person who is Jewish by birth, either through matrilineal or  patrilineal descent, or
-a person who is not Jewish but supports the Jewish beliefs,  practices, and Temple
involvement of their Jewish spouse,  committed partner, or children;
-a person, regardless of faith, who now agrees to support Jewish beliefs  and practices
and the mission of Temple Solel; a person who is a continuing Temple member at the
time these criteria are adopted.
Is Temple Solel Family friendly?
Children are welcome in services. There is music throughout the service providing a
movement break if needed.
How is it funded? Are there dues?
We require no set annual dues for membership. But the reality is that, even without a
building, there are significant expenses in operating our beloved Temple. We depend on
the voluntary generosity of our members to make this work. If Temple Solel has value to
you and you are in a position to help, we ask that you consult your heart and head to
determine how you can provide some financial support.  
support. You can donate here
Is Temple Solel reform?
We are the only Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) synagogue in York County and the
Upper Palmetto region of South Carolina.
What kind of social action programs do you have?
Temple Solel has participated in Bethel Men’s shelter, Community Café, Pride Festival
and many more. Please join us and give us your ideas.
Why is Temple Solel in a church?
As a small congregation, Temple Solel does not have their own building.
However, our relationship with Grace Presbyterian is so much more than tenant-
landlord. We have become interfaith partners, preforming social action together,
participating in a joint Passover Seder and Chanukah concert. Grace Presbyterian
even placed a Mezuzah on their doorpost to symbolize their friendship with us. (This
may be a world’s first!)